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No More Family, Just Freeform

Matana Z.

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Starting on January 12th, 2016, ABC Family’s name will no longer be ABC Family.

For a couple months, ABC Family has been posting things about “FreeForm.” They didn’t explain what was actually going on until a couple weeks ago. They have decided to change their name to give them a  “less cognitive dissonance between what you’re seeing and what we’re called.” says President, Tom Ascheim. The whole idea of the new name FreeForm is to give them more freedom and to apply to a bigger audience. With the name ABC Family, they weren’t able to branch out as much with the shows they played. Shows like Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life of An American Teenager, were riskier for the business. Now, they’ll be able to express themselves more with out a name tying them down.

Even though the name is changing, the channel and shows are not. It will still be on channel 19 for those of us in Irvine. It will still have all the amazing shows we love like PLL, The Fosters, Baby Daddy, Young and Hungry, etc. They’re not taking away anything except for the name really. The whole point of the name is to allow them to have more flexibility in what they play, their audience, what commercials they can show. The name ‘Family’ they were held back. If they showed a not so family oriented show, they would get bad ratings and reviews. Now, that’s not a problem.

At first, most people weren’t so for the new change. Theirs comments like, “Why did you guys change the name? ABCFamily is soo much better.” or “I really dont like this new name and new shows. I miss the old abc family.” Now that Freeform has launched, people have become more acceptable to the idea, “It’s still the same channel…Just a new name. They’d probably have the same new shows even if it stayed ABCFamily.”
Their reviews have been the same but over time it’s expected to have a better outcome. Were all excited to see this change.


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No More Family, Just Freeform