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TVT’s Winter Formal…?

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    Tarbut V’Torah, you have done it again. Yet another successful ASB run event stormed our wonderful institution and swept us off our feet, just in the nick of time as well. It was a dark, damp season as California’s winter was ravaged by a heat wave that brought our beautiful 65 and cloudy weather to a blistering 90 degree inferno in the middle of January. Thankfully, our gluteus maximi were saved by a small reminder of the true season in the Northwestern Hemisphere, Tarbut V’Torah’s Winter Formal.

    You see TVT, I was excited for formal. Not only was it my opportunity to prove to everyone that I do have a girlfriend and she is in fact a human being, but it was also my second to last school dance at the establishment that I have spent almost every moment of the last 14 years of my life. I was not disappointed.

I found the inter-grade dancing added a certain insestuous feel to a rather boring social atmosphere. The lack of food made me feel much more comfortable with myself knowing that there was no way my date or anyone else would notice me nonchalantly stuffing my face with delicious brownies and other teenage delicacies. Having no drinks at first took me as a shock, and then I located the barely functional water fountain in the corner of the pavillion and my worries were relieved instantaneously. I mean, two dysfunctional water fountains for the nearly 100 Tarbut students and the countless random teenagers who somehow found their way into our highly secure event is proven to be both proportionate and healthy.

Speaking of random teenagers, I think my favourite part of the entire dance was the openness. Tarbut V’Torah wanted the world to know that we are the most public private school in Orange County and everyone from graduates to random blondes can stop on in for a dance.

Of course, it isn’t a Tarbut V’Torah dance without an overly shy DJ who hides behind a cloth and a light setup that not only blinds the dance floor with bright lights but stops any attempt at passing through the crowded 5×5 dance floor. Yes, this year’s DJ was great, and of course there’s nothing like a 15 minute remix of “Everytime We Touch” to ruffle the feathers of your skin-tight dress that pushes the boundaries of the dress code set by not only TVT, but society as well.

Tarbut, seeing as my senior prom is fast approaching, I have a small request. Don’t change a thing! We seniors are dying to spend our last school event with freshman boys who are yet to have discovered deodorant and freshman girls who don’t understand that a dress has to descend below the buttocks. Nothing tickles our senior fancies more than sophomore boys and girls grinding to their hearts desire on a dance floor too small for a group of chinchillas. And of course us seniors love nothing more than having underclassmen hit on us to the point of stalking. TVT, we seniors love the way you show our “openness” within our “professionalism”. Keep it up!

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TVT’s Winter Formal…?