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Student Lounge Draws Great Excitement

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            Open for only one week so far, TVT’s student lounge is the new hot spot for students to hang out.  Formerly a storage room, the student lounge is both large and conveniently placed next to the MPR.  The furniture in the lounge makes this room the most luxurious room in the entire school.  With one 60-inch flat screen TV, several exquisite sofas, and  one dozen high speed, new MacBooks, the student lounge is truly a place for relaxation during a free period or lunch.

            The idea began in August of 2012 when Dr. Roth announced the idea to student body at one town hall.  She made it clear that everyone must follow the dress code for one week and then the student lounge would be opened.  At first, some senior girls did not comply.  However, they quickly changed their school attire after they were publically shunned and humiliated.  Within a few weeks of Dr. Roth’s proposal, the idea began to form into reality as a special student lounge decorating committee was created.

            Many people applied to be a part of this historic five person committee. Dr. Roth reported that she received over 287 applications. She noted that there were more applicants than students enrolled in the high school because students from outside TVT wanted to contribute to this process. A few adults applied as well. After two weeks filled with interviews and intense agony, Dr. Roth announced the five person decorating committee.

            This committee spent several months holding fundraisers to buy the extravagant furniture.  The members of the committee would often sell kosher food before, during, and after school.  Their fundraising efforts, plus a few extra donations on the side, led to the committee reaching its $5,000 goal.

            With $5,000, the committee bought the basics, such as a 60-inch flat screen TV and a few couches.  These items were only $1,750.  To spend all the money, the committee bought a popcorn machine, several vending machines, a 24/7 butler service, and a weekly massage service.

            Unfortunately, the student lounge does have its “tragic flaw”.  Since the student lounge is so popular, it is often difficult to find seating.  In response to this pressing concern, the ASB has now circulated a petition that has over 100 signatures demanding Dr. Roth create another lounge.  Dr. Roth has spent a couple days musing over the idea and will report her decision to the students by April 1st.

            Additionally, faculty members are disappointed that they do not have an opulent faculty lounge.  Deeply passionate about this issue, an anonymous faculty member has started to form a group of teachers who will all strike if Dr. Roth does not approve $5,000 of new funds towards improving the faculty lounge.

            While the student lounge has provoked some controversy lately, it has been an overall benefit to the school community.  Students claim to be more relaxed and feel more “at home”.  As one eighth grader said, “I was on the fence about attending TVT in high school, but once I heard about this new student lounge, I decided that TVT was the place for me.”

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Student Lounge Draws Great Excitement