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As some of you might have observed, Mrs. Smallwood and I have a lot of similarities: we are practically the same person! I can prove that Mrs. Smallwood is simply a refined and more polished version of yours truly.

For starters, the most basic commonality that we have is that we share the same first name, except Mrs. Smallwood spells her first name with one ‘l’ and I spell it with two. Also, we are both gingers, therefore implying that we don’t have souls and that we need to wear about T-2 gallons of sunscreen whenever we go to the beach.

We are both committed to journalism and cheer, and we both enjoy reading. When we were younger, we played instruments, such as the piano, and we enjoyed volunteering.

Shopping, like almost every woman and girl, is something that Mrs. Smallwood and I enjoy doing, especially when it comes to looking for accessories: she is immediately drawn to purses and bags, while I am directed to jewelry. Scrapbooking is also one of our favorite pasttimes.

Readers may be interested to discover that we both get migraines. It’s a little unfortunate that we have to undergo pain when it comes to doing hard work. Misery does love company, though!

I am starting to think that Mrs. Smallwood’s teenage spirit was somehow reborn in me. Who knows, maybe in a little while I will be an incredible English teacher and cheer coach at a Jewish school in southern California? Only time will tell.


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